Tornado Safe Room

FEMA 361 Tornado Safe Room Design & Tornado Safe Room Grant Application

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Paragon Statics

  • Assisted 60 clients in 20 different counties
  • 493,177 square feet of FEMA Safe Room applications ( more than 6 football fields)
  • 74,620 People capacity of FEMA Safe Room applications


Recent Clients include:

  • Avilla R-XIII School District
  • Cassville R-VI School District:
    • Cassville Elementary & Middle School
    • Cassville High School
  • Chillicothe
  • Christian County Justice Center
  • City of Fair Grove + Fair Grove R-X School District
  • City of Monett
  • City of Willard + Willard R-II School District
  • Crowder College:
    • Davidson Hall at Neosho Campus
    • Dawson-Spencer Hall
  • Diamond R-IV
  • East Newton R-VI School District
  • Joplin Schools
  • Junction Hill
  • McDonald County R-I School District:
    • High School
    • Pineville Elementary
    • Southwest City
  • Mid Buchanan
  • Springfield Public Schools
  • Webb City R-VII School District:
    • Harry & Bess Truman Primary Center
    • Junior High School
    • Madge T James Community FEMA Safe Room
    • Middle School
    • Webster Primary School


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